Wilsonart Laminate Counter Tops

Wilsonart ™ Laminate Counter Tops

Wilsonart ™ Laminate counters are in our opinion the most beautiful and resilient laminate counters available in the world. Their manufacturing process is unique and creates a product that will stand up against scratches and chips like no other product has done in the past.  This is not your mothers laminate. Gone are the 1970’s solid oranges, yellows and baby blues (not really, you can still get them). We now offer granite, quartz and marble designs that are hard to tell from the real thing except that they cost much, much less. Most of these products are available with textures and finishes that look and feel real. There are currently 10 (ten) different finishes/textures to choose from so even the most picky of us can find something to love. Request an estimate and you wont be sorry. Go ahead and take a look at some of the colors available below and watch a video to the right you will see why so many people choose Wilsonart ™ Laminate for their kitchen and bathroom counters.

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Life At Warp Speed With Wilsonart® HD® Countertops

The above video doesn’t provide a lot of information but it is fun to watch! The two videos below will show you why we love Wilsonart ™ Laminate counters and backwalls!

Danny Seo Talks Wilsonart Laminate at KBIS 2015

Wilsonart HD Laminate 2011 Television Commercial