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The siding on your home is usually the first thing a person notices. When considering a new siding there are a number of points you may wish to consider;


  • How much maintenance are you willing or able to do. Cedar is beautiful and will last a very long time, but only if it is properly cared for. “Vinyl is final” is more than a cliche’, it really will out last most of us in most cases and requires very little or no maintenance.  Fiber cement offers a happy medium that can last a very long time and only needs a modicum of attention.

  • If your walls don’t provide adaquate insulation then a vinyl or Hardie board with a formed insulating backer may be the product for you.

  • If your have an H.O.A. to deal with then both cedar and fiber cement are good choices that will usually pass the boards approval. (Color will still be a consideration)

  • If you want to go “green” then cedar is a great choice and a fully renewable resource. Fiber cement is also a great choice however the carbon footprint is larger than cedar. Vinyl is not “green”.

  • If you like to change your home color from time to time then cedar or fiber cement are you best choices.

  • If your want the look of real painted wood then any of these choices are good. With recent advances in manufacturing most siding products can simulate cedar quite convincingly.

  • If you are concerned about pests like termites then any of these products will work quite well, however, while cedar is termite resistant, both vinyl and fiber cement are termite proof.

  • If cost is your biggest concern then vinyl offers a good choice since after the initial investment you never have to spend money painting or staining again. Stained cedar can go many years without re-staining and our prepainted fiber cement carries a 15 year paint warranty.

  • If warranty is a concern then vinyl or fiber cement are the choice for you. (Both carry a limited lifetime warranty) Cedar carries no warranty on material though all products carry Right Turn Constructions 10 year workmanship warranty.


Regardless of which product you choose remember you can’t make a wrong turn with Right Turn!

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We offer several types and brands of vinyl siding however we firmly believe that Prodigy ™ by Alside ™ is the best in the world for beauty, longivity and insulation.

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James Hardie’s ™ Hardie Plank ™ with Color Plus ™ is by far the most beautiful and natural looking fiber cement siding that we have ever worked with.