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Whether your choosing flooring for an entryway, kitchen, bathroom or the entire home, we have the choices you need.

Vinyl the new Linoleum Flooring

Invented in 1855, linoleum flooring was the most popular man made flooring for over 100 years. Linoleum’s many color and design choices coupled with its durability and easy cleanup fueled its popularity.Vinyl flooring was first widely recognized  in 1933 after being shown at “A Century of Progress Exposition” in Chicago. Vinyl flooring popularity really took off in the 1950’s with a limited selection of colors and styles and has now become the standard in most homes for kitchens and bathrooms.  Recently with the introduction of realistic textures and colors, vinyl flooring can be used anywhere in the home and can mimic tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork and of course linoleum. Most products that people today call “linoleum” are actually vinyl sheet or vinyl tile. Click the vinyl image above to learn more or click here.

Wood and Laminate Flooring

The use of wood for flooring is superseded only by stone and dirt (The original lifetime floors). There are many types of wood that can be used for flooring such as pine, oak, bamboo, cork, tiger wood, lapacho, mahogany and many more.  Most wood floors are coated with a urethane or similar finish for protection and aesthetic value.  Most recently laminate floors have reached the level where they can be almost indistinguishable from the wood floor that they mimic. From color to style and feel, laminate floors seem “real” and cost less than their natural counterparts. With it limited lifetime warranty for staining, wear, fade and moisture resistance, Quickstep ™ flooring has something for just about everyone. Click on the above image of laminate to learn more or click here

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Early Vinyl Floor with “updated” kitchen 1958

Ancient “Lifetime Floor”

Sometimes “Dirt” looks good.

Original Linoleum