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At Right Turn Construction we do a lot of improvements on homes. Being a patio and deck contractor in the Vancouver and Portland area is one of the most satisfying remodeling projects for our carpenters. Building a new cedar or composition deck where there was none before can change the entire look of a home. The sense of pride when you stand back and see the dramatic change that has been made to the home is sometimes overwhelming for both the homeowner and the crew. We offer quite a few different materials for the surface and rails to give you the “dream deck” that you have always wanted. Our sub-structure is always pressure treated lumber set in or on concrete.

Need something to change the entire look of your home? We can help!

Over the years we have worked with and experimented with most of the natural (cedar, tiger wood, mahogany) and  man-made deck materials available. We have seen them come and go. One composition decking manufacturer has been around through it all and with the introduction of new colors and products it seems better than ever. Trex ™ is a remarkably versatile product. With its many styles and low maintenance it is ideal for the Pacific Northwest. We always offer Free Estimates within about 100 miles of Vancouver WA/Portland OR.


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Composite Decking
Composite Decking
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We can use man-made “low maintenance” materials like Trex ™ to create a beautiful outdoor living area.

Cedar “The NW Choice” is not only resilient but allows some design choices that may not be available with some man-made products.